Receive your Maritime Credits

MARITIME CREDITS collects balances that are overdue from partners and / or suppliers to your company. It also works as a database where the debtors’ names are kept. We collect overdue balances from ship suppliers, shipowners, service providers, port operators, banks, shipping agencies and the entire universe of players in the shipping industry and related areas, ensuring that services are engaged with reputable companies.

We offer consulting services in maritime law, customs and port operation.

The Best Recovery Way

Value to include unpaid debts: $ 0.00
For IMO number search $ 0.00
No fee until: Dez 31th, 2021.

$ 5000
Debt Inclusion
$ 11124
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Maritime transport accounts for almost 80% of international trade.

For this reason hiring the right partner is very relevant to a smooth operation.

Users Registration

Please, register to the platform in order to have access to register outstanding balances and search services. Sign up and starts recovering unpaid balances now !


Before closing a deal, perform a search using the IMO number / company name and work with reliable partners and suppliers.


Debts Registration

We offer a space for registering delinquent  companies including unpaid balances. Then, we will contact the debtor and if in your interest, we collect on your behalf.


About Us

MARITIME CREDITS is a company with an extensive experience in the legal, technical and commercial aspects of the shipping industry, providing excellence in recovering maritime credits using an intelligent platform for research and registration of outstanding balances.

We have the best credit protection solution in the maritime area. Work with reputable companies and protect your business interests.

Ours products: debtors database, consultancy and debt collection.


Ours Services

MARITIME CREDITS has essential products to protect your company and prevent your business from engaging in business with bad payers, subsequently preventing losses. These products are available at very affordable prices. They are:

– DEBT REGISTRATION: Space for registering yours partners and / or debts.
– SUPPLIER SEARCH: Perform a search to obtain suppliers’ information.

Debtors Registration

In addition, Maritime Credits offers a space to include debtors with outstanding balances. Therefore, it is necessary for the creditor to register on the website, in possession of supporting documents substantiating the debt. The debtor  will receive an e-mail notifying about the debt being registered. Then, they will be able to take measures in order to make the necessary payment arrangements.


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